Not curable? Not so

Today’s news and culture update:

An increasing number of people are seeking alternative methods for their healthcare needs today. Nobel Peace Prize winner Bernard Lown, M.D. writes in his book, The Lost Art of Healing that about 25 percent of patients who visit an American doctor are successfully treated. The other 75 percent¬† “have problems that scientific medicine finds difficult to resolve. After being shuffled among a bevy of specialists and subjected to costly and invasive technologies, many patients, frustrated, turn away from conventional medicine” (p. 123).

Here are two examples of a man and a woman who found permanent cure through prayer from illnesses conventional medicine couldn’t cure:



  1. Sharla Allard says

    How encouraging it is to have these proofs that God is not unwilling or unable to cure anything. As these two people showed in their videos, we just need to turn to Him with a willingness to learn something, even as we do when we want to solve a math or science problem–except in this case it would be to learn something about how good and well and capable God made us.