Healthy Aging . . . What It Takes

This week’s post continues with September’s theme of “Healthy Aging” and looks at it from a spiritual perspective. The author, Steven Salt, is a colleague and Christian Science practitioner who regularly writes about the impact of thought and spirituality on health. Check back on Wednesday, September 26, for a grandfather’s perspective on living life to the fullest.

Birthdays…we’re having more of them than ever in the history of mankind. The number of candles on our birthday cakes is swelling.  And there is a growing concern that as we age, we might not be healthy enough to blow them all out.  That is a depressing thought.

A demographic tsunami is coming.  7000 Baby Boomers will hit 65 just today.  Worldwide, the population of those people over 60 has more than doubled since 1980. By 2050, expect over 2 billion.  The implications to health and health care are staggering.

These are all good reasons to think about aging issues in September – Healthy Aging Month. Organizers of the observance call it “a time to reinvent yourself”.  But that isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Many look back to their salad days as the ideal model when they were at their peak of ability and stamina.  Who doesn’t want to try to recapture youth with its promise of vitality and mental acuity?

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  1. Sharla Allard says

    I’ve gotta admit my mother never wrinkled much as she aged. Still, I’m a little suspicious about a youthful look’s only being attributed to good genes. I can’t help wondering if it isn’t more due to remaining childlike (which is not to say imbecilic!). In my senior years I still feel like a child–wildly appreciative of things and experiences and meeting new people. And extremely interested in learning new things, even if they scare me or are uncomfortable, like camping in Maine in the cold of September. Can I add my advice? Be childlike into your sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties . . .

  2. Virginia McCullough says

    Thanks so much for this blog. Love the idea of a “cake and presents” day. Yesterday my high school age neighbor came over to tell me about the Topsfield Fair. When we looked it up online and I noted the senior price. She said to me “you’re not a senior citizen.” When I said I was according to years she said she was shocked and that I didn’t seem old to her. I think that is a tribute to my ongoing prayer about agelessness as explained in Christian Science.