More Than a Medicine Cabinet

Today’s news and culture update: An ongoing effort to point out ways the public is moving away from a traditional, bio-medical approach to health toward a model that includes alternatives and acknowledges the role of prayer/consciousness in wellness.

READ: The Doctor is In: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Thriving

“Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) continues to thrive as numerous physicians and very credible institutions — including the Mayo Clinic — embrace many of the therapies.

A surprisingly large number of Americans, estimated as high as 70 percent, have tried CAM—acupuncture/acupressure, herb/vitamin therapy, hypnosis, chiropractic/massage, aromatherapy, magnetic therapy and reflexology—to cure their ills. A new term—integrative medicine— is now being employed as traditional evidence-based medicine is combined with CAM for better treatment outcomes.”

READ: Healing From Within: The Power of You

“A frequent question asked by patients and practitioners is, “To what extent do intent, attitude and touch affect health outcomes?” Although these issues may seem unrelated to the technical aspects of health care, a growing body of evidence suggests that such factors may significantly affect the healing process. Attitude matters. Laughter and humor have been shown to have beneficial health effects as well.”

READ Movie Review: Escape Fire: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare

” It’s difficult to believe that, after all the demagoguery about death panels, rationing and encroaching socialism that passed for public debate about the Affordable Care Act, we might have something to learn about the way health care is delivered in this country. But in this lucid look behind the scenes at hospitals, doctors’ offices and the most intimate corners of patients’ lives, the shortcomings and ways forward emerge in stark relief.”


  1. Virginia McCullough says

    Thank you for this blog. It and Virginia N.’s comment reminds me of something I just read on twitter from Anna Bowness-Park‏@bownesspark, a Christian Science practitioner in Victoria, BC — My interview with Dr. Nelie Johnson who feels patients need to gain control over their health @timescolonist.

    Thanks for the Review of Escape Fire. Reading “Obama’s recess appointment” which is linked in the review was also very educational. Little by little I feel like I’m getting a better understanding of the workings and challenges of our national health care system.

  2. virginia nordin says

    I recently discussed evidence based medicine with a young Dr. about to finish his fellowship. To him it overtook the old intuitive aspect of medical practice and substitute accessible data based information based on hard fact on which medicine healed which disease. But this overlooks the fact that it is the patient that you want to heal not the disease and that’s not always the same.