It’s a New Day

Today’s News & Culture update: Matthew Heineman is co-director and producer of Escape Fire, the newly released documentary film I’ve featured on this blog and that takes a close, hard look at our nation’s broken healthcare system.

Here is an interview with Heineman: New Health Care Documentary Offers Potential Solutions to Unsustainable System. In answer to the question, “What is the most shocking thing you learned about our health care system?” he says we have, “. . . a disease care system not a health care system. A system that profits from and is oriented towards sickness, not health. This idea that 75 percent  of health care costs go to [treating] preventable diseases – that was shocking to us. So how do we as a society figure out how to fix that problem? Another thing that really surprised us was this idea of over-treatment – that more isn’t better. I think in America we have this fascination for a quick fix, for something bigger, better, faster, now.”

Heineman offers his own conclusions in Huff Post’s Healthy Living section: Access to What Kind of Health Care? His question at the end of his blog got me thinking about what a sustainable health care system would like like. What’s the “new normal”? For anyone who values spiritual care, the lower-cost, health-centered approach he suggests would ideally include a system that recognizes and values spiritual treatment, including Christian Science treatment options. Care that isn’t a break-the-bank, disease and diagnosis focused method, but rather is affordable and focuses on the individual’s mental and physical health and well-being.

Heineman writes, “Let’s stop running up the hill, needlessly sticking to the status quo, and start implementing the escape fires that are right in front of us. It’s going to take each of us coming together to muster the strength to look in the mirror and ask, “How can I help create a sustainable health care system for the 21st century?”

How would you answer Heineman’s question? Share your ideas in the comments.


  1. Virginia McCullough says

    What can I do to help create a sustainable health care system for the 21st century? For starters — Be a better Christian Science healer. Pray. Be grateful for the present good — the good qualities medical nurses and doctors express. Speak lovingly with health care workers. My step niece is a RN in Washington, DC, and I mentioned the movie Escape Fire to her. She hadn’t heard of it but seemed interested.

  2. Sharla Allard says

    What about this suggestion for a sustainable health care system: a person could start small, with an emotional instead of a physical problem, if that’s more comfortable (say, the need to feel comforted after someone has slighted you) . Pray to God (the Great Physician) for deliverance, like Jonah did from the belly of the whale he wished to escape (admittedly, a larger problem). If this works, keep trying with more and more of your problems that just may not, then, need a doctor’s help. (Helpful hint: you may need a book to aid your prayer, like “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy.)