Can we heal ourselves? A doctor’s answer

Today's News and Culture update: Watch Dr. Lissa Rankin's latest Ted talk: "Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?" Dr. Rankin begins her talk with this question: "Can the mind really heal the body? And, if so, is there any scientific evidence to convince skeptical physicians like me?" She says the medical establishment has been proving for over 50 years that the mind can heal the body: "We call it the placebo effect--and it's a thorn in the side of the Continue Reading

Oprah Interviews Dr. Eben Alexander

Today's News&Culture update: For those of you who have been following the buzz on Dr. Eben Alexander's New York Times best-seller, "Proof of Heaven" you won't want to miss this hour-long interview with Oprah Winfrey on her Super-Soul Sunday series. Neurosurgeon Dr. Alexander's ideas and book have been featured on this blog several times in recent weeks. He came back from a coma and life-threatening disease with a new understanding of life, health, consciousness and faith. Perhaps you'll be Continue Reading

Merging science and spirituality

Today's News & Culture update: Listen here to a radio interview with neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander from yesterday's NPR program "Here and Now" with Robin Young. Dr. Alexander is author of “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” He also runs a science and spirituality nonprofit called Eternea. Dr. Alexander claims that consciousness and spirit is far more than brain.  He says, "I want to bring science and spirituality back together. We are not alone. We are all Continue Reading

Veteran’s Day and the Mental Health of Soldiers

News & Culture: Today is Veteran's Day in the United States. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, when servicemen and women who lost their lives to war are honored, Veteran's Day celebrates all the women and men who have served our country's military. Many of these men and women return home forever changed, dealing with health issues such as PTSD, chronic pain, and loss of limbs. There's a startling statistic I came across recently: in the last year more veterans have lost their lives due Continue Reading

Don’t Be Tricked

Today's News&Culture update: The following links provide food for thought on this week's topic of not letting what we see deceive us. Keep in mind that these article links point out the problem, but don't necessarily provide solutions. Together, you and I have been exploring ways that prayer and spirituality offer solutions to life's problems, including viable answers to healthcare needs. Please share your comments and ideas with the Breaking Bread community. The Case For 'Whole-Person Continue Reading

It’s a New Day

Today's News & Culture update: Matthew Heineman is co-director and producer of Escape Fire, the newly released documentary film I've featured on this blog and that takes a close, hard look at our nation's broken healthcare system. Here is an interview with Heineman: New Health Care Documentary Offers Potential Solutions to Unsustainable System. In answer to the question, "What is the most shocking thing you learned about our health care system?" he says we have, ". . . a disease care system Continue Reading

A Neurosurgeon Changes His Mind About God

This week's News and Culture update: Dr. Eben Alexander's book, "Proof of Heaven--A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife" is being published Oct. 23, 2012. He shares his experience in a recent Newsweek interview: Proof of Heaven: A Doctor's Experience with the Afterlife. I was intrigued by many of the statements, coming from a doctor who specializes in the workings of the human brain. After being in a coma for 7 days and defying the odds of coming back alive and well, he shares his Continue Reading

More Than a Medicine Cabinet

Today's news and culture update: An ongoing effort to point out ways the public is moving away from a traditional, bio-medical approach to health toward a model that includes alternatives and acknowledges the role of prayer/consciousness in wellness. READ: The Doctor is In: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Thriving "Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) continues to thrive as numerous physicians and very credible institutions — including the Mayo Clinic — embrace many of the Continue Reading

Escape Fire: Carving A New Path to Wellness

Today's News & Culture post: A recent news and culture post provided a link to the trailer for a new documentary film called "Escape Fire." The film, which won the US documentary competition at Sundance and opens in select theaters this Friday, hopes to "bring into the American consciousness a new conversation about healthcare." (Read The Washington Post movie review.) True to its name, which describes a radical approach to stopping a raging wildfire when no escape exists, the film is about Continue Reading

Not curable? Not so

Today's news and culture update: An increasing number of people are seeking alternative methods for their healthcare needs today. Nobel Peace Prize winner Bernard Lown, M.D. writes in his book, The Lost Art of Healing that about 25 percent of patients who visit an American doctor are successfully treated. The other 75 percent  "have problems that scientific medicine finds difficult to resolve. After being shuffled among a bevy of specialists and subjected to costly and invasive technologies, Continue Reading