“Dying To Be Me” Author, Anita Moorjani, on Healthy, Fearless Living

Woman  with arms stretched

Anita Moorjani has a recipe to fight cancer that might catch some by surprise. The New York Times bestselling Dying to be Me author revived from a near death experience (NDE) in February 2006 and completely recovered from end-stage cancer. In fact, she says she knew she was well before her body or her doctors caught up with her conviction. Within weeks they couldn’t find any trace of cancer. If Anita’s doctors had been right, she would not be alive today. But she is--and not, according to Continue Reading

Is That God Calling Me?

My Brigth Abyss

Guest blogger Kim Shippey is a full-time writer and editor in Boston. I have always loved Poetry magazine without realizing what an inspiring story lies behind the seesaw life experience of its editor for the past decade, Christian Wiman. His new book of essays, My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux), reveals that even through the secularism of his college days, which led to disillusionment and a break with his childhood church in West Texas, he never Continue Reading

A Holy Night

Today’s guest blog is written by Boston, MA resident, and longtime journalist, Kim Shippey. Kim enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading, and playing sports. He is currently a full-time writer and editor with the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication. Ingenious advances in medical research have taught us more in ten years than in ten decades about mental health, especially in areas such as acute depression, loss of memory, and post-traumatic and Continue Reading

Scared? Take off the mask!

This week kids (and adults) will disguise themselves in masks, makeup, and costumes to celebrate Halloween. Whether or not you relate to this end-of-October tradition, it provides an interesting lesson on fear and reality. Because theoretically it's the one time no one can truly be tricked by appearances. We all know that behind every frightening or creative disguise is the real person--your neighbor down the street, your child's friend from school, your grandchild. My son was instantly Continue Reading

Home is where your health is

On a recent flight home from Northern California, I dashed for my next gate with just enough time to purchase lunch at a kiosk in the Dallas airport. If there's one thing I don't like, it's being hungry on a plane with no food. “My husband doesn’t need two seats,” a petite redhead piped up in the waiting area, briskly moving a black carry-on and a newspaper out of my way. “We’ve been in Alaska for ten days,” she continued to chatter as I settled into the seat next to her and munched on raw Continue Reading

Your thought goes a long way

Today's News & Culture update: A look at the power of thought and prayer in treating cancer, as well as the ethical side of placebo treatment. Below are excerpts with links to read the full articles. These ideas/findings are significant and point to the changes taking place regarding healthcare. I think it's also heartening to take it a step beyond the human mind with the knowledge that there is one infinite, divine Mind controlling our thought and action and that "The human thought must Continue Reading