Women’s History Month: Mary Baker Eddy as a Pioneer in Health


March is Women's History month. This year's theme, according to the National Women's History Project site is: Celebrating Women's Character, Courage, and Commitment. The following blog honors an extraordinary woman in the 19th century who made significant contributions to spiritual and religious education as a teacher, writer, and leader. Her courage and commitment are clearly evident in the body of work she accomplished. Mary Baker Eddy was no ordinary woman. Behind her Victorian-era Continue Reading

What’s Your Fountain of Life?


My family and I recently watched the fourth installment of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series, "On Stranger Tides." The story focuses on finding the legendary "Fountain of Youth," which supposedly restores youth to anyone who drinks from its waters. The quirky Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, spits at death at each turn and waltzes through the scenes with as much youthful enthusiasm and joie de vivre as could ever be found in the famed waters. The search for this proverbial Continue Reading

Mental Health Calls For A Spiritual Approach


Guest blogger Kim Shippey offers his perspective on Mark Driscoll's new book, Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in Christ. Kim is a writer and editor in Boston, MA. In an age in which there is too much mindless killing in the streets of United States cities -- including schools, a cinema, and even a military base -- and pleas of “insanity” ring through law courts, it's good to have a book by Mark Driscoll that examines identity crises: Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your Continue Reading

A Prescription For Health Without Side-Effects


You can also read this post at Metrowest Daily News on my syndicated blog, "Health Conscious." Smiling people dance in a field of summer flowers under a blue sky without a care in the world. Then a fast, cheerful voice-over begins listing some pretty awful symptoms that could occur if you take the drug being advertised. Only the United States and New Zealand are permitted to directly advertise pharmaceutical drugs to consumers. These advertisements list side-effects that often sound far Continue Reading

Is Your Body a Mirror of Your Thought?


You can also read this post on my weekly syndicated blog, “Health Conscious” at MetroWest Daily News. For some, this is fast becoming a rhetorical question. Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of the New York Times best-seller Mind Over Medicine, said in a recent TED talk, "The Shocking Truth About Your Health," that the most important part of your health is not daily exercise, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, or eating a well-balanced diet. But isn't that what all the experts seem to be Continue Reading

Beyond Green Juice and Yoga

You can also read this post on my weekly syndicated blog, “Health Conscious” at MetroWest Daily News. Even if you drink your green juice and exercise daily something still might be missing from your health regimen. Let me explain. I eat nutritious meals and I love my daily hike, but I realize that those practices alone don't make me healthy. Despite the apparent benefits, it seems I'm not the only one saying there's more to health than green juice and yoga . . . For those of you who follow Continue Reading

When the Doctor Calls, Do They Ask If You Pray?

You can also read this post on my weekly syndicated blog, "Health Conscious" at MetroWest Daily News. Patient-centered care is the buzzword in the healthcare industry. More people today are online, asking questions, finding their own path to treatment and healthy outcomes. They're also recognizing the value of treatment that considers them as more than just a bunch of moving parts, but recognizes their spiritual and emotional well-being as well. Still, this trend may may not be catching on yet Continue Reading

Tea Breaks and Scientific Breakthroughs

  Guest-blogger Kim Shippey has worked as a broadcast journalist in many countries. He is now a full-time writer and editor with the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication. British physicist and theologian Sir John Polkinghorne was awarded the Templeton Prize in 2002 for his “exceptional contributions to affirming life's spiritual dimension.” As a college major in mathematics, who spent several years drenched in scientific reasoning and analysis, my Continue Reading

Kick Off Your Boots For Work-Life Balance

You can also read this post on my syndicated blog, "Health Conscious" for the MetroWest Daily News. She eased out of her cowboy boots, positioned her red purse and settled into the economy class aisle seat next to me, legs crossed and laptop perched on her knees. Classic sign of a writer. I complimented her on her boots and we agreed they were the perfect accessory for all things: jeans, dresses, air travel, being a mom. Easy on, easy off. And of course stylish. She was a journalist, trying to Continue Reading

Seniors Turn Their Backs on the Clock

February is National Senior Independence month. The following is a continuation of a previous blog I posted on baby boomers and includes excerpts from a conversation I had with Beverly Lunsford, a nurse of 40 years and current Director of the Center For Aging, Health and Humanities at George Washington University. (You can also read Baby Boomers Redefine Aging Part I and II in the March 4 edition of the Christian Science Sentinel weekly magazine.) The common expectation of declining health in Continue Reading