Writing As A Holy (And A Healthy!) Calling

Guest blogger Kim Shippey has traveled widely as an international  journalist and is now a full-time writer and editor based in Boston. He spends his leisure time chasing footballs and grandchildren. Innumerable surveys have been published in recent years about the importance of “social support” to moderate or buffer the impact of “psychosocial” stress on physical and mental health. This includes “burn-out” in various jobs--air-traffic controllers, surgeons, teachers, caregivers, and even Continue Reading

Going for Gold

The Olympic Games are as much about winning medals and giving the performance of a lifetime as they are about the ability to stay calm under pressure. There are more than a few Olympic athletes this year who have captured the hearts of audiences with a special sparkle. One of the youngest swimmers on the U.S. Olympic team is 17-year old, 6-foot-1 Missy Franklin, who's been called "Olympics' All-American Sweetheart." Her incredible strength and stamina in the pool, her constant smile and energy, Continue Reading

Essential tools for healthy lives

Boston-based guest blogger, Kim Shippey, devours books from many fields in his regular job as a staff editor for the Christian Science Sentinel. I have recently read a book by two psychotherapists with a combined 60 years of counseling experience, Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels. It’s titled The Tools (Spiegel & Grau, New York, 2012), and their purpose, as the subtitle explains, is to transform the everyday problems everyone faces into “courage, confidence, and creativity.” Stutz and Continue Reading

Drop everything and play!

Who knew that 20 minutes of kicking the soccer ball around with mom would produce that much happiness for my fifth-grader? No more complaining that this was the most boring, worst day ever and there was "never anything to do." No more frustration on my part either. I've learned that being an uber-busy, multitasking, working mom sends my kids one strong message. My most prized asset? Time. So when I prayed about how to push through the negative frustration that sometimes bubbles up in our home, Continue Reading