Find Your Way Out of a Hopeless Place

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I recently watched a video circulating on my Facebook feed that featured a veteran Gulf War paratrooper’s inspiring transformation. He’d jumped from a plane too many times and his repeated landings had taken a toll on his back and knees. After several operations, he walked on crutches and gained a lot of weight. He couldn’t exercise anymore. For 15 years his doctors told him he would never walk unassisted again. He accepted this as fact. Yet, despite his dire diagnosis and the prospect of Continue Reading

“A Stone of Hope” on MLK Day

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Today Americans celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights activist and pastor whose fight for freedom, equality, and truth permanently altered the American landscape. On a visit to Washington D.C. last March, I captured this photo with the words etched on Reverend King's monument: "Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope." He fearlessly blasted through cold indifference and broke down what seemed impenetrable barriers to freedom. Another pastor and advocate for freedom in the Continue Reading

MLK Day Spells Freedom on Many Fronts, including Health

Today Americans celebrate Martin Luther King, the civil rights activist and preacher whose actions and words permanently altered the American landscape. What might not be as familiar to some is the story of MLK's namesake, the German Martin Luther, also a priest and the father of the Protestant Reformation. Separated by nearly 450 years, both men advocated for freedom, helping to abolish archaic ways of thinking and acting through non-violent empowerment. For the first time in history, because Continue Reading

Going for Gold

The Olympic Games are as much about winning medals and giving the performance of a lifetime as they are about the ability to stay calm under pressure. There are more than a few Olympic athletes this year who have captured the hearts of audiences with a special sparkle. One of the youngest swimmers on the U.S. Olympic team is 17-year old, 6-foot-1 Missy Franklin, who's been called "Olympics' All-American Sweetheart." Her incredible strength and stamina in the pool, her constant smile and energy, Continue Reading

Independence Day and Summer Camp

Note to readers: I will only be posting one blog this week, due to the Fourth of July holiday. I just found out that New England was the birthplace of the summer camp during the late 19th century. Aside from face painting, barbecues, and flag cakes, what does summer camp have to do with July 4th? It has me thinking about the value of giving young people independence and time away from home. Especially since I've just come up for air from the land of trunk-packing and clothes-labeling for my Continue Reading