Good Health Requires Your Mental and Spiritual “Yes!”


Strong gusts of warm wind propelled us forward as my friend and I navigated the sidewalks of downtown Denver to the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference. The spring weather was strangely symbolic of the current crosswinds representing two very different approaches to health and well-being. I had just spent the last few days in nearby sessions at the annual Association of Healthcare Journalists, surrounded by writers and editors who bring us our health care news every day, primarily through a Continue Reading

Goodbye Headache, Hello Day!

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The following is a guest blog post by freelance writer, Estey Silva: You know the feeling. Ugh! A headache is coming on. So annoying. What to do? Many turn to medications like Ibuprofen or Aspirin. But have you read the side effects? Let me just say - there are so many … oh, and the warning label also says the medicine may even cause you to have a headache. Huh?! Have you ever thought about doing something else? Sure, it’s easy to pop a pill and hope for the best, but what if you could Continue Reading

Women’s History Month: Mary Baker Eddy as a Pioneer in Health


March is Women's History month. This year's theme, according to the National Women's History Project site is: Celebrating Women's Character, Courage, and Commitment. The following blog honors an extraordinary woman in the 19th century who made significant contributions to spiritual and religious education as a teacher, writer, and leader. Her courage and commitment are clearly evident in the body of work she accomplished. Mary Baker Eddy was no ordinary woman. Behind her Victorian-era Continue Reading

Happy Meals: Beyond Diets and “Foodie Righteousness”


The following post is written by guest blogger Kim Shippey, an international journalist who is now a full-time writer and editor with the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication: I received a glossy brochure-cum-prospectus through the mail this week. It outlines the online teaching offered by an organization called The Great Courses. What caught my eye (or was it my tastebuds?) was a course on the fundamentals of good nutrition, especially its impact on eating Continue Reading

How Is the Body a Mirror of Your Thought?

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The most important part of your health is not daily exercise, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, or regular visits to the doctor's office. That's according to Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of the New York Times best-seller Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. In her TED talk, “The Shocking Truth About Your Health,” she suggested the body is actually a mirror of how we live our lives. It’s easy to think of our bodies as machines with Continue Reading

What You Gain By Living with Less

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This post is by guest blogger Kim Shippey, an international journalist who has relocated, with his family, many times during his career. He is now a full-time writer and editor with the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication: A noticeable effort is being made these days to improve mental health among people of all ages, cultures, and communities. For example, depression and its effect on health, on people’s well-being, and even on their physical condition, has been Continue Reading

One Man’s Journey From Obesity and Diabetes to Health

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I recently met John, a trim, silver-haired, energetic man in his mid-sixties who was a guest at our church. In my remarks at our evening service for the community, I shared some of the ideas I had gained after attending a lifestyle medicine conference. John introduced himself to me afterwards and offered his story. We both feel our meeting wasn't a coincidence. A few years ago John was a self-described chocolate and Mountain Dew addict, ate the "American" diet of meat and potatoes, and was Continue Reading

Dr. Eben Alexander Says It’s Time For Brain Science To Graduate From Kindergarten


Anyone who openly declares that consciousness is not brain is going to get some attention.  Especially when it's from an established neurosurgeon whose knowledge of brain science includes 25 years of clinical practice, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women's and the Children's Hospitals and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Dr. Eben Alexander has collected his fair share of skeptics over the claims he's made in his New York Times bestseller, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Continue Reading

Grace Heals


Guest blogger Kim Shippey has traveled widely as an international  journalist and is now a full-time writer and editor based in Boston. He spends his leisure time chasing footballs and grandchildren. I’ve always felt that two of the loveliest words in the English language are “Sunday afternoon.” (Readers, help me me recall which famous writer first shared that observation.) Narrow it down to just one word, and I’d leap right to the soft benevolence of grace. This came to mind as I turned the Continue Reading

You Decide if Stress is the ‘Bad Guy’


Stress. It's the current catch-all culprit pinned to so many negative health conditions. Can't you just see it smirking in the corner of the room with a slightly guilty, yet secretly pleased expression? The good news is there's a way to turn that smirk into a smile on your face. For starters, new research shows it's not the stress level you experience that affects your health, but rather how you think about the stress that is ultimately beneficial or harmful. Health psychologist Kelly Continue Reading