Find Your Way Out of a Hopeless Place

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I recently watched a video circulating on my Facebook feed that featured a veteran Gulf War paratrooper’s inspiring transformation. He’d jumped from a plane too many times and his repeated landings had taken a toll on his back and knees. After several operations, he walked on crutches and gained a lot of weight. He couldn’t exercise anymore. For 15 years his doctors told him he would never walk unassisted again. He accepted this as fact. Yet, despite his dire diagnosis and the prospect of Continue Reading

Bring Amazing Grace into Your New Year


Guest blog by Boston-based writer, Kim Shippey, whose book reviews offer a helpful perspective on the intersection of health with spirituality, culture, and faith. This one takes a closer look at cultivating the quality of grace as we move into the New Year. Philip Yancey was riding a wave of success after the launching of his book, What's So Amazing About Grace? when I first met him. It was 15 years ago, just after he had given a keynote address to 10,000 people at a Vision New Continue Reading

Looking for an Angel?

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There are times when we all need an angel. Even for the not particularly religious, an angel can come in very handy. My brother and I recently discussed our concept of angels. We both agreed that they aren't people wearing white robes with fluttering wings. You could say my study of Christian Science has brought angels down to earth. I think of them as good and pure ideas that come in quiet moments or even in loud, busy moments. They're always there, we just have to listen. They guide Continue Reading

My Healing Journey Out of Migraines

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This blog was originally published on You can read and share it HERE . Anyone who has suffered from chronic migraines knows the feeling of not being able to think, just wanting to sleep and turn off the pain. For me, the headaches started in high school and continued into my early married years. They were sporadic but intense. I couldn’t tolerate light or noise. Sometimes I missed school and work. But they were always over in the morning, like a nightmare that passes but Continue Reading

Grad Speech Reveals a Useful Equation: Doubt Removed = Health Improved

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June is the season of graduation ceremonies and speeches, and I’m no stranger to them, having just watched my high school senior walk the stage this past weekend. Indiana University student Parker Mantell recently delivered his commencement speech to over 17,000 people in attendance, and his inspiring words have since  traveled speedily across social media channels. Mantell shares how, despite a stutter, he landed internships in Washington, serving some of the most high-profile lawmakers Continue Reading

Loneliness Doesn’t Stand a Chance in a Community of Love


A guest post written by Kim Shippey. In February the British newspaper The Guardian reported that a six-year study of lonely people aged 50 and older in the United Kingdom showed that such people had a 14 percent greater risk of dying than those who had company. Feelings of isolation can have twice the impact on health as does obesity on aging people. Previous studies had shown that loneliness in older people can lead to high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, depression, and heart Continue Reading

The South Korean Ferry Tragedy: A Way Out of Grief

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There are no adequate words to describe the deep grief of the families who lost loved ones on the South Korean ferry that suddenly capsized on April 16. Sadly, most of the 476 passengers on board were high school students who were en route to a field trip on the holiday island of Jeju. More than 300 of those passengers perished. News reports reveal parents reacting with both anguish and anger. Many question the boat’s compliance with safety regulations, as well as emergency response Continue Reading

Spiritual Health in the Country Nelson Mandela Rescued


This week's guest blog takes the form of a report by Kim Shippey on the spiritual health of the South Africans he revisited during a three-week trip in March. Kim spent many years in South Africa as a broadcaster on radio and television. Yesterday, the country celebrated Freedom Day, a commemoration of South Africa's first post-apartheid elections which happened 20 years ago on April 27. You know you've landed in the land of proteas and jacarandas, when you can look up into the night sky and Continue Reading

Good Health Requires Your Mental and Spiritual “Yes!”


Strong gusts of warm wind propelled us forward as my friend and I navigated the sidewalks of downtown Denver to the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference. The spring weather was strangely symbolic of the current crosswinds representing two very different approaches to health and well-being. I had just spent the last few days in nearby sessions at the annual Association of Healthcare Journalists, surrounded by writers and editors who bring us our health care news every day, primarily through a Continue Reading

Goodbye Headache, Hello Day!

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The following is a guest blog post by freelance writer, Estey Silva: You know the feeling. Ugh! A headache is coming on. So annoying. What to do? Many turn to medications like Ibuprofen or Aspirin. But have you read the side effects? Let me just say - there are so many … oh, and the warning label also says the medicine may even cause you to have a headache. Huh?! Have you ever thought about doing something else? Sure, it’s easy to pop a pill and hope for the best, but what if you could Continue Reading