Dad talk

Father's Day isn't just for buying the proverbial tie and calling it a day. It honors fathers-- and men who have filled the shoes of a father--to help change a child's life for the better. Studies today affirm that an involved dad plays a vital role in the general health and well-being of children. Child welfare reports have found that an active and nurturing style of fathering is associated with "better verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement among adolescents." Civil Continue Reading

A lay-off doesn’t mean a love-buster

Today’s guest blog is written by Benjamin Gladden, husband and father of three, who’s currently logging lots of hours in the “What makes for a good marriage and parent” department. He writes from his home in Framingham, Massachusetts. About three years ago I got laid off from a job that I absolutely loved. I could have sat in that chair doing that work for the rest of my life and been very happy. It hadn't been easy managing the care of three children while my wife and I both worked full-time, Continue Reading

Drop everything and play!

Who knew that 20 minutes of kicking the soccer ball around with mom would produce that much happiness for my fifth-grader? No more complaining that this was the most boring, worst day ever and there was "never anything to do." No more frustration on my part either. I've learned that being an uber-busy, multitasking, working mom sends my kids one strong message. My most prized asset? Time. So when I prayed about how to push through the negative frustration that sometimes bubbles up in our home, Continue Reading