Women’s History Month: Mary Baker Eddy as a Pioneer in Health


March is Women's History month. This year's theme, according to the National Women's History Project site is: Celebrating Women's Character, Courage, and Commitment. The following blog honors an extraordinary woman in the 19th century who made significant contributions to spiritual and religious education as a teacher, writer, and leader. Her courage and commitment are clearly evident in the body of work she accomplished. Mary Baker Eddy was no ordinary woman. Behind her Victorian-era Continue Reading

What’s Your Fountain of Life?


My family and I recently watched the fourth installment of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series, "On Stranger Tides." The story focuses on finding the legendary "Fountain of Youth," which supposedly restores youth to anyone who drinks from its waters. The quirky Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, spits at death at each turn and waltzes through the scenes with as much youthful enthusiasm and joie de vivre as could ever be found in the famed waters. The search for this proverbial Continue Reading

“A Stone of Hope” on MLK Day

LG MLK.feature

Today Americans celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights activist and pastor whose fight for freedom, equality, and truth permanently altered the American landscape. On a visit to Washington D.C. last March, I captured this photo with the words etched on Reverend King's monument: "Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope." He fearlessly blasted through cold indifference and broke down what seemed impenetrable barriers to freedom. Another pastor and advocate for freedom in the Continue Reading

Three Mental Exercises to Practice in the New Year

Doctor's hands holding globe CROPPED1.14.14

The United States health care system has largely trained people to believe, "Someone will take care of me if I don't...or I can always just take a pill." But that paradigm is gradually changing and what better time than the new year to celebrate those changes as they advance. USA Today reported that America's health is improving, with Massachusetts listed as number four in the state rankings. But the article also emphasized that our health care system needs much more emphasis on the Continue Reading

Who’s in Charge of Your Mind?


Guest blogger Kim Shippey has traveled widely as an international  journalist and is now a full-time writer and editor based in Boston. When Dr. Larry Dossey’s latest book One Mind landed on my desk recently, I was reminded that I first came to know him about 20 years ago when I spoke with him at a Mind-Body conference organized by Harvard Medical School and reviewed his book Healing Words:The Power of Prayer and The Practice of Medicine. Dossey is a medical internist and former chief of staff Continue Reading

‘Tis the Season to be #UNselfie

Tis the season Cropped 1.14.15

A Michigan man and four friends set up camp in freezing temps in front of a Best Buy the week before Black Friday, complete with a generator, heater, and flat screen TV. The retailer happily let them use their restrooms. (NPR's Morning Edition) I wondered, Would they also be cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in their tent? "Giving Tuesday" is a refreshing concept in response to the culture of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" which encourage competition to be first in line for the best deals and Continue Reading

You Decide if Stress is the ‘Bad Guy’


Stress. It's the current catch-all culprit pinned to so many negative health conditions. Can't you just see it smirking in the corner of the room with a slightly guilty, yet secretly pleased expression? The good news is there's a way to turn that smirk into a smile on your face. For starters, new research shows it's not the stress level you experience that affects your health, but rather how you think about the stress that is ultimately beneficial or harmful. Health psychologist Kelly Continue Reading

Your Happiness Depends On This


You can also read this blog on Huffington Post here. Is happiness preventive medicine? That probably depends on how you define it. If you think of it as fleeting and resulting from factors outside of yourself, like a new job or a Hawaiian vacation, well then it's probably not so beneficial. But if you see it as inherently within you--something you give, rather than get--then it's a different story. This might sound like a tall order or even blue-eyed optimism. But what if behind this attitude Continue Reading

Lessons on Stress From the Gazelle


Guest blogger Kim Shippey has traveled widely as an international  journalist and is now a full-time writer and editor based in Boston. He spends his leisure time learning life lessons from his grandchildren, or relaxing in his garden. Have we ever been under quite so much stress as we are now to conquer stress in our daily lives? A tsunami of information whirls through the social media about the bondage imposed by overcrowded lives and the detrimental effects upon health, family, social Continue Reading

Is Your Body a Mirror of Your Thought?


You can also read this post on my weekly syndicated blog, “Health Conscious” at MetroWest Daily News. For some, this is fast becoming a rhetorical question. Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of the New York Times best-seller Mind Over Medicine, said in a recent TED talk, "The Shocking Truth About Your Health," that the most important part of your health is not daily exercise, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, or eating a well-balanced diet. But isn't that what all the experts seem to be Continue Reading