Three Mental Exercises to Practice in the New Year

Doctor's hands holding globe CROPPED1.14.14

The United States health care system has largely trained people to believe, "Someone will take care of me if I don't...or I can always just take a pill." But that paradigm is gradually changing and what better time than the new year to celebrate those changes as they advance. USA Today reported that America's health is improving, with Massachusetts listed as number four in the state rankings. But the article also emphasized that our health care system needs much more emphasis on the Continue Reading

Election Day: Vote Yes on No Stress

Voters in the United States head to the polls Tuesday to elect the next president in what is being described as one of the most critical races in our nation's history. The pre-election numbers show it to be an extremely close race. That means the country is divided, which makes for some very definite opinions and emotions on the topic. One thing is for  sure: when the results are in, only one candidate wins and then the challenge is the nation rallying together in unified support for Continue Reading

A lay-off doesn’t mean a love-buster

Today’s guest blog is written by Benjamin Gladden, husband and father of three, who’s currently logging lots of hours in the “What makes for a good marriage and parent” department. He writes from his home in Framingham, Massachusetts. About three years ago I got laid off from a job that I absolutely loved. I could have sat in that chair doing that work for the rest of my life and been very happy. It hadn't been easy managing the care of three children while my wife and I both worked full-time, Continue Reading

Run, run Boston Marathoners!

Today’s guest blog is written by Kim Shippey, an international journalist (and keen runner) who lives less than a mile from the finishing line of the world’s oldest annual marathon, the Boston Marathon, to be run this year on April 16.  In its centennial year, 1996,  over 40,000 participants braved the jostling start in Hopkinton and the agonies of Heartbreak Hill in Newton, and 35,868 of them finished! Kim has found that marathons have much to teach us all. Year after year, it seems, at least Continue Reading