News Anchor Dan Harris on Happiness and Faith

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By Guest-blogger Kim Shippey in recognition of Men's Health Week, June 9-15, which concludes with Father's Day on Sunday:  I have long been an admirer of ABC Television‘s news reporter and host Dan Harris -- a seemingly unflappable anchor, in the truest sense of that word. Then, in June, 2004, live on air, Harris suffered a panic attack in front of an audience of millions and we came face to face with a vulnerability we wouldn’t have believed possible in someone of his experience and Continue Reading

What You Gain By Living with Less

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This post is by guest blogger Kim Shippey, an international journalist who has relocated, with his family, many times during his career. He is now a full-time writer and editor with the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication: A noticeable effort is being made these days to improve mental health among people of all ages, cultures, and communities. For example, depression and its effect on health, on people’s well-being, and even on their physical condition, has been Continue Reading

Mental Health Calls For A Spiritual Approach


Guest blogger Kim Shippey offers his perspective on Mark Driscoll's new book, Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in Christ. Kim is a writer and editor in Boston, MA. In an age in which there is too much mindless killing in the streets of United States cities -- including schools, a cinema, and even a military base -- and pleas of “insanity” ring through law courts, it's good to have a book by Mark Driscoll that examines identity crises: Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your Continue Reading

Writing As A Holy (And A Healthy!) Calling

Guest blogger Kim Shippey has traveled widely as an international  journalist and is now a full-time writer and editor based in Boston. He spends his leisure time chasing footballs and grandchildren. Innumerable surveys have been published in recent years about the importance of “social support” to moderate or buffer the impact of “psychosocial” stress on physical and mental health. This includes “burn-out” in various jobs--air-traffic controllers, surgeons, teachers, caregivers, and even Continue Reading

Dr. David Rosmarin Says Spirituality and Faith Key to The Future of Mental Health

Everyone wants a piece of the future when it comes to health care. If only we could all peer ahead and find the golden key to better outcomes, cost-cutting, and patient-focused care. There are a lot of people ardently focused on those very outcomes. Yet, a significant part of the solution has “been around for ions,” Dr. David H. Rosmarin told me in a recent phone conversation. Health professionals have simply been ignoring it. What is this "golden key"? The power of a patient’s spirituality and Continue Reading

A Holy Night

Today’s guest blog is written by Boston, MA resident, and longtime journalist, Kim Shippey. Kim enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading, and playing sports. He is currently a full-time writer and editor with the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication. Ingenious advances in medical research have taught us more in ten years than in ten decades about mental health, especially in areas such as acute depression, loss of memory, and post-traumatic and Continue Reading

9/11 and Mental Resilience

Most of us remember exactly where we were standing and what we were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. I had just put my 3-month-old down for his morning nap when a friend called and told me to turn on the television. My five-year-old was by my side when those horrible images flashed across the screen. The next day in his kindergarten class he drew pictures of the planes and the buildings. He, like many other children across our nation, drew pictures that told an unspeakable story. A Continue Reading

Healing from the Inside Out

Today's News & Culture update: A regular feature of this blog that follows current conversations on health care pointing to the powerful impact of thought and spirituality on physical health, as well as ways in which people are finding results outside of a traditional bio-medical approach to health care. Join the conversation and share your comments on these ideas. 6 Ways to Heal Your Inner Self Julie Silver, MD, writes: "One of the most important components of healing is recognizing Continue Reading

Labor Day & Health for the Job Seeker

Today is Labor Day in the United States, a national holiday that has come to mean many things since its original inception in 1882. Celebrated on the first Monday in September, it is now often seen as the final day of the summer--the last long weekend before school gets underway. A day for picnics, family time, and relaxation. It was first celebrated as a way of honoring the achievements and contributions of American workers to the economic success and ongoing well-being of our nation. But in Continue Reading

Real Answers about Anxiety

Since 1980 there's been a 1200% increase in anxiety in the U.S. making it one of the most common mental illnesses in America. Consider these statistics: In 2011, an estimated 117 million Americans were diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. Only 1/3 of those who suffer from anxiety seek help. Pharmaceutical companies reported some $661 million in sales of anxiety drugs in 2011. There are currently at least 26 new medications slated for the market targeting anxiety. Clearly, this is a Continue Reading