Prayer + Healthcare = Benefits

The following guest blog is written by my friend, Steve Graham. Much of his career as an editor has been centered on spiritual reporting. He writes from his home in Natick, MA. The National Institute for Healthcare Research has joined the crowd. According to an article by WebMD, the NIH “refused to even review a study with the word prayer in it four years ago.”  But that has recently changed. For the first time the private nonprofit agency funded a study on prayer and healing. Overall, Continue Reading

Your thought goes a long way

Today's News & Culture update: A look at the power of thought and prayer in treating cancer, as well as the ethical side of placebo treatment. Below are excerpts with links to read the full articles. These ideas/findings are significant and point to the changes taking place regarding healthcare. I think it's also heartening to take it a step beyond the human mind with the knowledge that there is one infinite, divine Mind controlling our thought and action and that "The human thought must Continue Reading