Independence, Joy, and a Spiritual Take on Pixar’s “Inside Out”

Teenage girl format

The new Pixar movie, “Inside Out” has been described by critics as the animation studio’s best since their 1995 blockbuster success, “Toy Story.” This latest film brings to life a rare inside view of the emotional conflicts within a pre-teen’s mind. The main character, Riley, is transplanted with her family from their home in Minnesota to San Francisco. At first, “Joy” is the paramount emotion in Riley’s head, squashing out anger, frustration, fear, disgust, and sadness. But soon these other Continue Reading

Is Prayer No More Than a Placebo?

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Debates abound on the power of the placebo. There’s one man who has made it his mission to try and settle that debate, or at least shed significant light on it. Described as wanting to “broaden the definition of healing” (The New Yorker), Ted Kaptchuk is considered the leading researcher on placebos as a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the director of the Harvard-wide program in Placebo Studies. Kaptchuk’s research points to a question often left unanswered in medical Continue Reading

Oprah Interviews Dr. Eben Alexander

Today's News&Culture update: For those of you who have been following the buzz on Dr. Eben Alexander's New York Times best-seller, "Proof of Heaven" you won't want to miss this hour-long interview with Oprah Winfrey on her Super-Soul Sunday series. Neurosurgeon Dr. Alexander's ideas and book have been featured on this blog several times in recent weeks. He came back from a coma and life-threatening disease with a new understanding of life, health, consciousness and faith. Perhaps you'll be Continue Reading

Prayer + Healthcare = Benefits

The following guest blog is written by my friend, Steve Graham. Much of his career as an editor has been centered on spiritual reporting. He writes from his home in Natick, MA. The National Institute for Healthcare Research has joined the crowd. According to an article by WebMD, the NIH “refused to even review a study with the word prayer in it four years ago.”  But that has recently changed. For the first time the private nonprofit agency funded a study on prayer and healing. Overall, Continue Reading

A Smile a Minute

Here's one of my first blog entries that I wrote back in April. Enjoy the second round! Perhaps the simplest remedy for an ailment is right under your nose: A good laugh. “Safer than any big pharma pill-of-the-moment and free of harmful side effects, laughter is one of the easiest things you can do to promote healing and well-being,” writes Dr. Frank Lipman in his recent HuffPost blog Comic Relief: The Healing Power of Laughter. He goes on to say that in his 20-year medical practice patients Continue Reading

BYOF: Bring your own fun

Today's guest blog is written by Dawn-Marie Cornett, community-involved mom of three and Christian Science practitioner from Framingham, Massachusetts. Proms, graduations, weekend parties, the beginning of summer. For some, all these events add up to one thing: booze! Ads on TV, the radio, and even on Pandora all tell us it's the season to drink. But what does this mean for an adolescent's and teen's physical and emotional health? Continue Reading

Your thought goes a long way

Today's News & Culture update: A look at the power of thought and prayer in treating cancer, as well as the ethical side of placebo treatment. Below are excerpts with links to read the full articles. These ideas/findings are significant and point to the changes taking place regarding healthcare. I think it's also heartening to take it a step beyond the human mind with the knowledge that there is one infinite, divine Mind controlling our thought and action and that "The human thought must Continue Reading

When prayer meets health care

This week's guest blog is written by Dawn-Marie Cornett, community-involved mom of three and Christian Science practitioner from Framingham, Massachusetts. After my second child was born, there was a complication with me. My doctor went to get a surgeon, but the doctor in residence who had also attended the birth stayed behind. He knew my husband and I were Christian Scientists and that we would be praying for healing. He asked if he could say a prayer for us as well. Continue Reading

The road I travel

Today's guest blog is written by Amy Richmond, blogger, full-time mom, and managing editor of Her story points to the vital role consciousness and prayer plays in finding a more permanent solution to health. When my daughter was a toddler, we enrolled in mommy/daughter classes.  She loved them.  I did too.  She had fun.  I got sick.  Over and over again. I was warned by my friends that kids with runny noses in play groups spread viruses faster than bunnies have babies.  Continue Reading

What’s your take on the healthcare debate?

I'm interested in the healthcare reform debate. A lot of people are, for a lot of different reasons. I'm not a lawyer, a judge, or a politician. But I am a healthcare professional--only not in the traditional sense. I'm a practitioner of Christian Science, which is a metaphysical, prayer-based method of treatment many consider to be "alternative care" and it isn't included in typical health insurance packages. This past week I attended a mock debate at Harvard Business School centered on the Continue Reading