Wearable Health

Is monitoring your health just a bracelet away? It's a 2013 trend that's catching on to people's wrists across the country. Similar to a trendy watch, these bands--like the Basis--monitor your sleep, heart rate, calories burned, body temperature, etc. With a USB or Bluetooth these gadgets send data right to your computer or smart phone, so you can monitor and track your stats. A friend of mine got a sleek white one as a Christmas gift and recently showed me how it worked. She was excited to Continue Reading

7 Ways to a Good Grip on Life

Today's guest blog is written by Kim Shippey, avid reader of books on spirituality and Boston-based writer and editor. You can also read his columns in the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly print and online publication. Could you imagine anyone--mother, soldier, schoolteacher, business executive, bus driver, retiree--who wouldn’t be tempted to at least browse through a book titled 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness (Loyola Press, 2012). And whether you endorse--or feel tempted to use--author Joe Continue Reading