The Health Benefits of Happy Memories

Woman taking a photograph smiling format

Summer is the time for making memories. A quick scan of Instagram and Facebook reveals the photo highlights from friends’ and family’s summers: seaside smiles, mountain climbing, posing pets, berry pies and barbecues, lazy afternoons, campfires and sunsets. On a recent staycation, our family scheduled an event each day to get us out of the house and share a fun experience, even if it was simple. We planned an outing at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, an afternoon at our local farmer’s market, Continue Reading

3 Things for Your Health Today

For today's news and culture update, here are 3 ways to get you thinking more about your health: 1. Take a vacation! Getting away, can all add up to better concentration, less stress, and other  health implications. But what does this really mean? Since we can't take vacations all the time, I found myself appreciating the daily moments I take to be alone with God in prayer--unplugged and listening. Those moments and hours can feel just as good or better than a vacation. Continue Reading