What is the best TENS Machine for home use?

Every day, we are under great pressure, fatigue from work and modern life. But do not worry, there is a TENS machine with the ability to help reduce stress, fatigue, and pain effectively. So what is TENS? How is its effect? Especially, what is the best TENS Machine for home use? Let’s find out through the following article!

What is the TENS machine?

TENS is one kind of Electric pulse massage machine that uses very mild bioelectric currents to help relieve pain quickly in the affected area. This therapy will be effective when you experience pain related to muscles, nerves, joints …

If conventional massage machines work on the mechanism of vibration and rotation of rollers to relax muscles and blood circulation, the TENS machine works on a completely different mechanism: When the electrodes of the machine are placed in painful areas of the body, the machine will create a low-frequency electrical pulse.

This electrical pulse will help relieve pain thanks to 3 mechanisms:

  • Relieves muscle pain by creating mild muscle contractions that help to gently massage muscles.
  • Better blood circulation thanks to the machine create a rhythmic contraction of the heart muscle, making the heart’s pumping operation better.
  • Prevents pain signals because when the low-frequency electrical current reaches the affected area, it acts on pain transmission mechanisms, reducing the ability to transmit pain to the brain.

In general, the electrical impulses generated from the device can work directly into the skin about 3 – 5cm, leading to a series of reactions of organs in the body, helping to improve blood circulation, move the blood flow to the brain, enhance metabolism, regeneration of cell organization.

At the same time, when the device is active, it will stimulate the acupuncture points and the heart, helping the blood flow smoothly, thereby eliminating the excess fat in the place of the effect of contact, excretion of sweat and excretion toxins out of the body.

Unlike other types of massage machines which are usually only suitable for certain points on the body, the stickers of the TENS machine are suitable for many places on the body so you just need to stick to the place where you need to massage then the massage effect will work effectively.

With the mechanism of action as above, proper therapy with TENS massager can improve circulation and prevent the pain of the body effectively.

Best TENS Machine for home use

  • Mini Body Beurer EM10

Electric pulse massager Mini Body Beurer EM10 EM10 is extremely compact, lightweight, less than 20g, using a convenient battery will help you easily message anywhere, anytime.

The machine adopts the TENS method (stimulates nerves using electric conduction through the skin) and the EMS technology (electrical muscle stimulation) will help relieve pain quickly and effectively.

  • Omron HV-F013

TENS machine Omron HV-F013 uses a battery, compact design, easy to hold in the palm of your hand, so you can take it with you to use even when going to work, business, travel …

The machine has 5 modes for different areas of the body (shoulders, arms, lower back, legs, feet) and has 10 intensity levels to help you effectively reduce pain depending on the location of pain and severity of fatigue.

  • Beurer EM49

The Beurer EM49 electric pulse massager uses a combination of TENS and EMS methods to support effective pain relief with a variety of pain such as back pain, joint pain, neuralgia, musculoskeletal injury pain, dysmenorrhea, pain due to circulatory disorders, chronic pain due to many causes …

The machine has many different operating programs for you to choose depending on your pain situation. Parameters such as program name, time … are clearly displayed on the screen for users to track easily.

  • TDP Digital Tens Stimulator

TDP electric pulse massage machine has 4 different treatment modes (pain relief treatment, pain relief treatment with deep stimulation, muscle pain treatment, muscle toning) that will help you easily eliminate aches and pains in many different positions of the body.

The device has an easy-to-use structure with buttons, an intuitive display of the parameters of the treatment program, making it easy for anyone to use, including the elderly.

  • Beurer EM80 Digital TENS

Beurer EM80 TENS machine uses batteries, has a compact design and comes with a bag, making it easy to take with you when going out, traveling … without worrying about losing the accessories of the machine. Machine with 4 channels, 8 electrodes, helps reduce pain quickly.

The device combines 3 features of nerve stimulation, electrical stimulation with electric pulse and massage, 30 applications available, customizable treatment time from 5 to 90 minutes, very effective in helping to relieve pain due to calcification of the spine, intervertebral discs, support for the treatment of myalgia, muscular damage from impact or playing sports, cervical neck injury, stress relief, fatigue …

Notes when using the TENS machine

You should only use a TENS machine for about 30 minutes a day. Improper use and unreasonable time will cause undesirable effects. Some notes to use this device properly and safely as follows:

    • Do not use the device for too long as this may cause minor burns.
    • A warm-up should be started before use.
    • Should incorporate physical exercises, should not rely on the machine for too long and too much because it can cause feelings of inactivity, leading to obesity, sluggish body.
    • Do not use on open wounds.
    • When being sick, mentally not lucid, still sleepy should not use TENS.
    • Not recommended for pregnant women because it will affect the development of the fetus.
    • Do not use the device on the heart, head, around the mouth … without the supervision of a doctor.
    • Do not buy products of unknown origin.

Final words

That’s all. Hopefully, the mentioned information above will help you know What is the best TENS Machine for home use? to get benefits for your health.

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